Whanganui and the Whanganui River, from Durie Hill

Whanganui and the Whanganui River, from Durie Hill

Whanganui (Wanganui) is a small city on the mouth of Whanganui River (Te Awa O Whanganui).

The Whanganui River Road follows from the river from Whanganui to Pipiriki. A journey along the river road is a step back in time, revealing the heritage of the local iwi, the remnants of early European settlement as well as many historic landmarks and features.

Key settlements along the river road include Hiruharama (Jerusalem), Koriniti (Corinth), Atene (Athens), and Ranana (London).

At Hiruharama there is a beautiful village and convent. This settlement is also famous as the location for Mother Aubert’s mission and poet James K Baxter’s commune.

Pipiriki is the end of the Whanganui River Road and is a base for many river operators. Jet-boat trips are available from here to the famous ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ and many canoe tours start and end here too.

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